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Cucina Italiana

Traditional Italian Dining


Our vision

Take a seat at Civile Cucina Italiana and indulge in a traditional, ethnic dining experience in the heart of Metuchen.

Enjoy a full four courses of our proudly prepared Italian dishes with your best friends and family.

Enjoy our casual atmosphere and converse over a hot espresso paired with one of our renowned house made desserts.

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Excuse our appearance... we renovate our online presence.


we're B.Y.O.B.

We don't sell alcohol, so stop by the chateau on your way in!





The Original Civile's in Kenilworth burned down years ago, but the ashes sewed new partnerships and a golden opportunity. In 2012, a new home was found in Metuchen, NJ, where owners Jason, Jimmy and Juan collaborated to pair traditional Italian cuisine with a casual atmosphere. Locals responded well to the cozy location, friendly staff and rich food, and have kept coming back since. Now, with deep ties to the community and an extended family of regulars, we're here to stay!


Our head chef, Jimmy Katims, put together our menu with inspiration from ______ and _____. This is essentially what defines our American- Italian character.

Jimmy was originally compelled to cook after a semester of college left him wanting for a more fulfilling career. His expertise in ____ and passion for all things ____ make him a pillar of this establishment.

Our maître d', Jason Penedos, is fist and foremost a people person. Always dressed to the 9's and eager to please, Jason can answer any questions you have about our menu, party planning, catering and more.

Jason is a jack of all trades. Originally working as a DJ in New York, with a stint in finance, his management experience makes him an equally vital part of our team.

Our pastry chef and all around MacGyver, Juan Zaldivar, draws on his heritage and expansive knowledge of _____ to craft tasteful and delicious desserts.

Juan is a hustler. Originally from ______, Mexico, he's living out the american dream as a partial owner of Civile's and Lola's Latin Bistro down the street. You may occasionally find him in the front room, but most of his contribution happens behind the scenes.